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Manila Riverside Residences offers several amenities as well as essential features for the comfortable living of the residents. Not just well-designed units as well as concrete constructions Manila Riverside Residences also imparts several varying amenities as well as features such that a comfortable, convenient and luxuriant lifestyle is imparted to all its residents. With the convenient features of Manila Riverside Residences, the life of the residents is no less than a luxury at the doorsteps. Some of the essential amenities are jotted down below:-

1. Lap Pool - A lap pool for the recreation of the residents is available in Manila Riverside Residences such that the residents never have to head out to a club etc. for their cravings to enjoy in the pool. The pool is kept clean as well as well-maintained by the management team and the water is worth stepping in all round the year.

2. Two Storey Grand Pavilion - A giant two storeyed pavilion is available for the accommodation of several recreational activities that the residents can take complete advantage of. The maintenance of the pavilion is done by the several members of the maintenance staff of Manila Riverside Residences.

3. Water Features - Manila Riverside Residences has all the necessary water features that are required by the residents of the property.

4. Children's Play Area - We all know the importance of games in the life of kids. Manila Riverside Residences offers a giant sized playground for the kids to play with their friends as well as siblings.

5. 24*7 Security - The main gate of Manila Riverside Residences is employed with trained security officials who keep the property guarded. Security guards are also present at the entrance of each tower who take care of the security of that particular tower. Each and every nonresident of Manila Riverside Residences is kept an eye on by these security people. Additionally, all the incoming automobiles are also checked well by the security guards.

6. Elevators - Each tower of Manila Riverside Residences has one or two fast elevators such that the residents of the property can commute without any hindrance. The elevators are fast as well as well-maintained with regular checking and maintenance.

7. Elevated Water Tanks - The elevated water tanks are accommodated in Manila Riverside Residences which ensure the hassle-free supply of water to the residents of the property. Additionally, the supply of water is also supplied with complete force.

8. Power Generator - Manila Riverside Residences have power generators for the common areas of the property. This makes the activities of Manila Riverside Residences go on for hours without any hindrance. Therefore, while residing at Manila Riverside Residences one never has to face power cut off.

  • 2 Storey Grand Pavilion
  • Childrens Play Area
  • Lap Pool
  • Water Features
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